• "Oh my Orange" Geranium is a must for next year! Get these at your local garden centers supplied by Reynolds Greenhouses all across the Natural State!!

  • Happy Memorial Day hope everyone has a great day!!

    (Big Red Begonia)

  • Get the Gazanias!!! Kiss Series are AMAZING

  • THERE BACK!! Geranium 12" Color Combo Baskets!!! Just like the Hog Wild (Red/White) one shown below. Also there are many different choices to choose from for all your customers different tastes and needs.

  • A new plant to look forward to this spring is our Bossa Nova Begonias also called Waterfall Begonias! We are growing about 6 colors of these begonias and are excited to be offering these to our customers in 5" 8 count fitted trays! Great for hanging baskets, window boxes, and large planters.

  • Begonias all shapes and sizes starting to jump with color!!

  • 2015 Arkansas Green Industry Association Trade Show
    Reynolds Greenhouses LLC won best booth in show for the new Top Performer Product Display

  • We planted a bed at my house and the 6" we grow sure make the bed look full and gorgeous! If you need instant fullness and color this is the way to go

  • Landscape day at river valley in little rock listening to ball seed speaker on great landscaping plants

  • The 9",10",12" are ready for you!!!

  • The Reynolds' family would like to thank everyone for a great spring season and we hope that we provided and satisfied all of your customers needs. We are already starting mums and getting ready for a great fall season with a new product line! If anyone has any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us and thank you all again for your business.

  • Went through some of our perennials and took some cuttings to make a bouquet for Mom. We have alot of spring blooming perennials with showy flowers right now!!

  • 4" Accent "Mose in a Cradle" Rheo Tricolor
    A great plant for your dry spots this summer! Works well in hot summer heat and can be planted in mass beds or even in mixed pots.

  • Shipping is going great the carts are full of product ready for you!

  • Red Hot Salvia 6pk

  • Aquilegia "Columbine" is blooming!

  • Dahlias coming along too!

  • Double Wave Red Petunia

  • Plant your Scabiosa its in full bloom! Perennial that comes in light pink, light blue, and black maroon

  • Plant of the Day
    Purple Spiky Celosia

  • Buzz Butterfly Bush!!!
    If your not familiar with this perennial it is a must have. This buddleia is a compact version that is very manageable and with large showy flowers that butterflies and hummingbirds LOVE. Comes in a deep quart perennial pot with a large informational tag

  • Get to feeling a "Little Lucky" with our Lantana!

  • Pulling baskets for orders!!!

  • I just added 28 photos today on here and for some reason it only shows up in the photos not as an album. There is photos of mums, pansies, 6pk items, 4.5", one gallon, and hanging baskets available now in the photos. Thank you

  • Hoping everyone has a great fall season this year and if there is anything I can do for you let me know. I will be starting to add photos of mums, cabbage, hanging baskets, ground covers and all six pack items soon and keep you updated with the availability of items and the quality. If there is any requests of an certain plant you would like send me a message and I would be more than happy to help you with any needs. Josh Reynolds